Give Me Body Chains

A new trend that has really caught my attention is.... Body chains. They stand out so easily and really makes you stand out among the crowd, of course in a good way. I haven't yet found where to purchase them, but once I do I will for sure pick up one.

&I won't be blogging for a week because I'm going on vacation! So I'll see everyone soon!

talk to you soon,

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Give Me Inspirational Hair

Here are some inspirational hairstyles that I am dying to tryout! Everyone knows about the Alexander Wang side braid, that I LOVE! My favorite one is the last one! <3

Which hairstyle out of the bunch is your favorite?

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Give Me Things I Desire.

A black body suit to pair with some linen high waisted shorts, and perhaps a floral jacket. <3

High waisted medium denim & a body chain to accessorize.

A floral romper with a skinny brown leather belt!
A studded jacket..

& a studded shirt!

Those are some things I desire to get!
What do you desire?....

Talk to you soon,


Give Me Some Trends I LOVE.

 All black <3
& there are those leather shorts again. I do love them.

 Leather lace up shorts
the perfect way to stand out in the crowd.. lookin great ;)

 Feathers on a shirt?

 a cute denim destroyed jacket is a must have! I need to get my hands on one!

 New York is coming in 10 days! I can't wait to check out the new Forever 21 in Times Square! If you've seen it, tell me what you think of it!

&Check out this giveaway.

talk to you soon,

Give Me Amazing Hair

Misikko has provided me some hair products from their store! I received Hana Shine Shield and CHI Silk Infusion. I tried out both products and they are great! The CHI Silk Infusion has an amazing smell to it, but to be honest the product was a little heavy on my hair. I would recommend the CHI Silk Infusion to people who have thick hair. Now I absolutely loved Hana Shine Shield, I made my hair nice and silky smooth! My hair looked shiny and healthy, and not greasy at all. You can even put it on your skin, like a moisturizer! Misikko has some great products on their website for great discounts and deals! The shipping was fast and they had beautiful packaging! They have fantastic flat irons for a discounted price and great hair dryers for a discounted price also!

Make sure you check out their store HERE.


Give Me My Life

1. High waisted bikinis <3
2. Lace shirts.. sooo cute!
3. My dog Sandra, who I just took to get a haircut
4. Connector rings
5. Wheat Thins!
7. Going to bed at 8:00 pm now that my sleeping schedule is back <33
8. MGMT all day, everyday.
9. Lavender flowerss!

talk to you soon,


Give Me Leather Shorts

I am craving a pair of leather shorts! Now all I need to do is figure out were to buy them.

talk to you soon,


Give Me Vintage Vogue

Here are some intriguing pictures of vintage Vogue. What fascinates me about the second marvelous photo is that back then there was no technology, so the model was actually hanging off of that above New York City! Ah the risks that are made for fashion! <3

talk to you soon,

Give Me A Vogue Fairytale

Can you guess which fairytale belongs to each photo?

talk to you soon,


Give Me No Words

There are no words to describe this photo. This photo fabricates emotion.