Give Me A Bare Minerals Review

While using the Bare Minerals foundation I found it to be refreshing and non-cakey. I enjoy wearing this product as it provides to be a concealer and also a powder foundation. I purchased the light tone, and it blends in perfectly with my skin tone. This product did not make my skin tone oily at all, instead it provided me with an immaculate complexion covering all of my blemishes perfectly. The foundation sets perfectly, providing a clean clear appearance. What amazes me about this product is that unlike most make up products, Bare Minerals doesn't clog your pores which causes acne. Another thing that I love about Bare Minerals is that it contains no talc, which is a ingredient I don't want in any of my make up products. I could sleep in this foundation and wake up without any zits! So, I am pretty much in love with this powder foundation!

Hope you liked the review!

talk to you soon,


Give Me A OPI GIVEAWAY!!! & its winner! (CLOSED)

Givemefashionnow is having a mini OPI giveaway!!

What's in the giveaway?

-15ml OPI Red
-15ml OPI You're a Pisa Work
-15ml OPI on Collins Ave.


-Must be a follower!
- In all just one comment leave your email
-& Everything is new!
-I will be using random.org
-This giveaway is open internationally
-Will be open until July 10th

Additional Entrees:
+1 entree mention my giveaway in a post
+2 entrees put me in your sidebar
+3 create a post just about my giveaway

Make sure you provide a link to prove you qualify for more entrees.

Thanks for entering! :)
&make sure you check back soon after this giveaway is over,
because I plan to have another one soon after!


The WINNER is...


congrats! I emailed you just now!

Make sure to check back soon! Because I have another giveaway coming up soon!


Give Me My Dream Roon

Recently I have been looking at room designs to add some pizazz to my boring bright lime green room, which is in serious need of some wall art and decor. I found some things that I fell in LOVE with & I am in need of getting them asap!

Wheat grasss.. How awesome would that be in someone's room?
Arcade Fire Vinyl Album.. ahh yes <3
MGMT Vinyl Album.. kids= one of my top favorite songs ever.
Beatle's Abbey Road in Vinyl.. MY FAV BEATLES ALBUM!

I am in desperate need of a record player to add to my room! I really badly want one, so then I can play all of my parents old Beetle's albums they have packed up! Also it would be amazing if I could purchase some more recently updated music and play it on a record player! Well there's just some things I saw browsing online on the wonderful Internet. & WHOOP! WHOOP!

talk to you soon,
& Make sure you comment on the items I picked out and tell me if you like them!


Give Me A Natural Look

A very popular look right now that everyone is trying to achieve is a natural look. When it comes to make up creating that appealing look is easier said than done. Here are some step by step instructions on how to achieve that look!

Here's how you do it...

1. Create an immaculate complexion

2. Apply a eyeshadow shade that is similar to your skin tone to the lid from lash to brow (like Nepal from NARS) Use the eye shader brush to do this.
3. Use a darker shade from the shade used to  cover entire eye to cover the lid of the eyes. Apply more eyeshadow at the edge of the lid, decreasing the amount of product you are applying on the lid above the end of the eye lid. (like Ashes to Ashes from NARS)Use the eye shader brush or for more precise application use a angled eye shader like the one below.

4. Apply a dark color to the upper lash line besides black, because we are aiming for a more natural feel blues(blends in well with the colors) and browns are recommended. Using eyeshadow as a eyeliner also plays a huge roll in providing a more natural feel to your face. If you wish to have a more defined feel with the upper lash line, dampen your brush. (like China Blue from NARS) Use a eyeliner brush to apply the product.

5. Curl your eyelashes, make sure you curl your eyelashes BEFORE you apply your mascara to eliminate breakage and clumps.

6. Apply a few coats of mascara to your lashes, not too much though. It is optional, but if you use a brown mascara your lashes would more likely blend in with the natural look.

6. Brush a rosy pink blush to your cheekbones. (like Luster Blush from NARS)

7. Use a matte lip stick/ pencil to your lips. A light rosy pink would look best. (like Roman Holiday Velvet lip pencil from NARS).

8. Apply a darker rosy pink lip gloss to your lips on top of the matte lip color to add shine. (like Female Trouble lip gloss from NARS).

9. TA! DA! and your finished!

talk to you soon,

& I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who has joined my blog! I appreciate it a lot! 30 follow + more coming :)! Also make sure you look at my pages I just recently put up the other day!

check out his blog.


Give Me A Day In NYC or Paris

I just made this collage at Polyvore! I thought this outfit including the beauty essentials to go with it, would be my perfect outfit. Also I thought this outfit would be ideal for a day in NYC or Paris! 

Here's What's In The Collage.

Shirt- Helmut Lang black lace top from farfetch
shorts- Grey Suede Pleat Shorts from topshop
bag- Marcie Hobo Cross Body leather bag from net-a-porter
shoes- Ribbon tie leather sandals from net-a-porter
perfume- Frosted Fleur De Lis Perfume Bottle from overstock
blush- Pop Beauty Blush Cake - Warm in Sienna from dermstore
foundation- Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face Teint Beige 02  from sephora
lip gloss- Gloss Pur - New! 47: Pure Peach from barneys
eyes- Luscious Lash Kit from sephora
nails- OPI South Beach Collection OPI on Collins Ave

&check out another amazing giveaway featuring all MAC products here.

talk to you soon,


Give Me Kristen Stewarts Makeover

I can't wait to go see NYC in July! I'm counting down the days till I get to go there. I will make sure I take tons of scenic pictures to post on my blog, so everyone can see them! If you looked at my blog yesterday you would of noticed I put up a giveaway, but the picture was extremely low quality... and the giveaway wasn't that great since no one commented on it. So I've decided to put the giveaway on hold until I get more followers, and a new camera for better quality photos! So sorry about that and if you happened of seen it.. I know.. It was bad. Moving on...

Kristen Stewart has recently made a fashion turnaround, she is no longer wearing those nasty converse with a tacky dress. Her new and approved fashion style is gorgeous and glamorous. Even though I'm not a fan of the Twilight movies or Kristen Stewarts fashion, but I could not notice her change in style... which had me aware! Here are some pictures of her new fashion wardrobe turnaround!

Before: Her dark make up and completely messed up hair with grotesque converse, which happen not to match her tacky outfit. & she wore this to the MTV Movie Awards! Really? Why would she do this?

After: Wow! What a difference! She looks absolutely fabulous with her one shoulder strap gown and my personal favorite is the dress she wore to the Korean Premiere of Eclipse which is in the middle. I'm not a big fan of the dress to the right, but it is still a huge improvement form the before picture! Way to go Kristen!

& I was just recently looking at Storyofmylifesquared (best blog ever) and I noticed in one of their posts they were blogging about a giveaway, and I entered that giveaway! Well enter the amazing giveaway here. 


Give Me Watches

I was looking at watches at Urban Outfitters, and I found this adorable watch that I LOVE! When I think of a watch I think of old, unfashionable, teachers, and other things that make wearing a watch unappealing. Well, Guess what?! If you choose the right watch it can bring your entire outfit together looking new and sleek! Watches are back, and have the best new styles for them than ever! I found this one watch which is below, and I think it's a good example for what I was talking about. Some good watches that you could wear with a blazer or even jeans is a sleek black or white watch with a skinny band, would look amazing!!

one I'm in love with!

it's vintage! Adorable!!

talk to you soon,


Give Me Bambi Northwood-Blyth

As of right now my all time favorite model is Bambi Northwood. She is fabulous and she makes everything she models look better than it actually does. To sum it all up.. she is amazing! I love you Bambi!!

Talk to you soon,

Give Me John Richmond

John Richmond is a well known fashion designer, that has a slight rock n' roll/chic style in all of his designs! In this collection he has tons of blazers, corals, and black denim, which I am loving! This collection has given me so much more inspiration for my own wardrobe! I now have a better idea of what to put on my updated wish list! I absolutely love his designs and I think they are amazing! Here are a few pictures of his collection for his most recent runway show for 2010.

talk to you soon,


Give Me Madewell's New Website

Whenever you go to New York a stop at Madewells is a must. Since Madewells only in New York its difficult to purchase cloths the.. but guess what? Madewell's finally online! There's that denim bar, the Alexa Chung collab lookbook, and tons of interactive things that you could spend an hour clicking through. Madewell has tons of trends for use to use: saddle shoes with ripped denim, belted linen blazers for a casual weekday look, and slim yet slouchy jeans. Check out their new site!


Give Me Pretty Little Liars

So just yesterday I was on my facebook looking my home page and I noticed everyone was talking about this one show call Pretty Little Liars. I was on my itouch so I figured  I would just go onto itunes and buy the first episode to see what it was about. I was surprised to see that it was free! The first thought that came to my mine was "hmmmmm... maybe this show is terrible since its free", but guess what? I was wrong. Pretty Little Liars is possible one the best TV shows I have ever seen, the first episode had me at the edge of my couch wondering what was going to happen next! I like to recommend this show to all my followers! Make sure you check it out! Its free on itunes so download it for free, then comment below and tell me what you think of it! It's a great mix of mystery, scandalous behavior, & gossip.. basically what attracts any teenager towards a TV show or movie. Well I have to go make my sister something cause she's hungry.. ugh. Bye!

Talk to you soon,


Give Me A New Type Of Braid

Here's how to do it...

Within the last year braids have become a HUGE hit! Everyone is wearing them as their everyday hairstyle from the red carpet to your average school days. Recently a new type of braid has been discovered and is growing more popular every week between both everyday people to the glamourous stars. Here are a few pictures of the absolutely adorable FISHTAIL BRAID!

talk to you soon,