Give Me My Dream Roon

Recently I have been looking at room designs to add some pizazz to my boring bright lime green room, which is in serious need of some wall art and decor. I found some things that I fell in LOVE with & I am in need of getting them asap!

Wheat grasss.. How awesome would that be in someone's room?
Arcade Fire Vinyl Album.. ahh yes <3
MGMT Vinyl Album.. kids= one of my top favorite songs ever.
Beatle's Abbey Road in Vinyl.. MY FAV BEATLES ALBUM!

I am in desperate need of a record player to add to my room! I really badly want one, so then I can play all of my parents old Beetle's albums they have packed up! Also it would be amazing if I could purchase some more recently updated music and play it on a record player! Well there's just some things I saw browsing online on the wonderful Internet. & WHOOP! WHOOP!

talk to you soon,
& Make sure you comment on the items I picked out and tell me if you like them!


  1. Hello there, thanks for your sweet comment. Your blog is cool! Btw,I think you forgot to press my follow button. Haha. But I'm gonna follow you:-) have a lovely day!

  2. Anonymous11:29 AM

    i <3 MGMT. electric feel is my fav!

    thanks for the follow :)

  3. Ha, ha "Abbey Road" is great and I like vinyl too. I also do have my father's record player and it makes very fun to listen to music this way ;-) My favourite Beatles are "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver"



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