Kate Moss for Topshop

I love this <3

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Lets Get Trendy In the City

Here are some trendy street outfits seen in New York City that I found inspirational. Especially the last photo; my favorite outfit of them all! 

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My Favorite Fall Trends 2010










1. Apres-Ski knits
2. Silk
3. Faux Fur
4. Aviator
5. Menswear
6. Sailor Stripes
7. Peacoat
8. Denim
9 Motocross Jackets
10.Riding Style
11. RayBan Clubmaster

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Oh What Big Eyes You Have..

American Apparel

American Apparel

American Apparel

Flowers (for the basket)

Basket with handle

I plan to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, and above are what i have decided to incorporate into my costume. I wanted to make my costume a little bit myself so I tend to shy away from pre made costumes available at Halloween stores and such. My costume consists of a basic red dress, stockings, oxfords, and a basket with flowers. I also might incorporate a red hood that I can purchase into my costume, but I'm still unsure what to do about that! So if you any ideas for my cape please tell me! A great way to get costume ideas that don't give off that uncreative cheap feeling I strongly suggest you check out American Apparels website for some great costume ideas!

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Heaven Smells So Sweet.

The new Channel N5 perfume video... I love this smell..

There will be new changes to the blog! I am working on giving my blog a new look, and the format and style will be changed! Also I am planning on making more posts and having OOTD's! Hope everyone is excited for the new changes that are happening soon like I am!

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Give Me The Boots

I love them <3

I'll have to post pictures of my new boots soon!



Give Me Photos To DIE for

Those glasses.. LOVE

Here are some more things I am in Love with right now..


Give Me My Top New Products!

Pigmented. Creamy. Great Coverage. Flawless...
That's Graftobian make up. I recently received my shipment of the contour and blush palette, and the creme foundation palette in warm. I am astonished with the creme foundation palette, it provides such amazing coverage that I am sure I am going to purchase more. The foundation is super simple to blend and very easy to apply. The blush adds a subtle color to your cheekbone, with 4 colors to select from. The colors are coral, hot pink, rosy pink, and a darker rosy red. Be sure to check them out!



Give Me My Current Favorite Things

I love my new high waisted denim skirt! I love pairing it with a floral shirt! & I am loving my high waisted loose floral shorts which look amazing!

I am starting to become obsessive with the Moonlight Path scent...

My spectacular dolman top which I LOVE! & My sample of Lemony Flutter from Lush!



Give Me My Make Up Routine!

It's taken me a while to figure out what the right makeup routine is for me, and figuring out what products work best for me. I discovered that Bare Minerals really works well with my skin, leaving me an extremely matte and natural look. I've also fallen in love with Liz Earle skin care products, they really do give me fresh looking skin.

1. I apply Liz Earle Eye Bright Lotion, which removes all excess make up and makes my eyes look more awake

2. Secondly, I apply Liz Earle Daytime Lotion

3. Thirdly, I use my Bare Minerals Full Flawless face brush to add a small amount of my Bare Minerals foundation to my face

4. Fourthly, I apply an extremely small amount of Bare Minerals bronzer to my face using a Bare Minerals Tapered Blush brush

5. Fifthly, I add a little bit of Everyday Minerals blush in SoCo to my cheekbones using the BH Cosmetics blush brush

6. Sixthly, I apply Wet N Wild eyeliner (I heard it was a great eyeliner, so I tried it out. &I LOVE IT!) to my top lid using a BH Cosmetics eyeliner brush. Then, I top it off with some Loreal mascara

7. Lastly, I dust some Bare Minerals Mineral Veil on my face to set my make up

For my hair I use Hana Shine Shield, which I rub on the ends of my hair then the rest of it.



Give Me the Free SAMPLES!

Samples are wonderful to receive. They never fail to bring a smile to my face. Here's a list of the best samples out there for FREE!

Bare Minerals Foundation sample with a small mini kabuki brush!
I know for sure if you ask someone at Ulta they will for sure give you this for free, but it might also be available wherever there is a Bare Minerals make up counter

Perfume Samples of any kind
If you go to Sephora pick out a few perfumes you love and ask someone who works there for a sample and they will go fill up a little bottle with the perfume of your choice

Lush Soaps, Masks, & Lotions
Next time your at Lush ask any of the employees there for a sample of a certain product and they would be happy to give you some

MAC Pigment Samples & more!
Yes, that's right MAC gives away free samples. If you plan of receiving a free sample you have to play along and act like you plan on purchasing something. They won't give samples to anyone who walks in the door, so look interested in purchasing a product and ask if you could sample it before you buy it!


Give Me The Big City

Here are some photos from my trip to NY!

I can't wait to go back next summer!