Give Me the Free SAMPLES!

Samples are wonderful to receive. They never fail to bring a smile to my face. Here's a list of the best samples out there for FREE!

Bare Minerals Foundation sample with a small mini kabuki brush!
I know for sure if you ask someone at Ulta they will for sure give you this for free, but it might also be available wherever there is a Bare Minerals make up counter

Perfume Samples of any kind
If you go to Sephora pick out a few perfumes you love and ask someone who works there for a sample and they will go fill up a little bottle with the perfume of your choice

Lush Soaps, Masks, & Lotions
Next time your at Lush ask any of the employees there for a sample of a certain product and they would be happy to give you some

MAC Pigment Samples & more!
Yes, that's right MAC gives away free samples. If you plan of receiving a free sample you have to play along and act like you plan on purchasing something. They won't give samples to anyone who walks in the door, so look interested in purchasing a product and ask if you could sample it before you buy it!


  1. i know about lush samples, but i didn't know about these other ones. i've been to sephora so manyyyy times - i will definitely ask for perfume samples. thanks for the info! :)

    <3, Mimi

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  3. thanks cause I didn't know about lush samples

  4. I love Lush - I don't think we have one close by though. Bummer!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - following you too!

  5. MAC gave me samples when I bought something, but when I didn't... Nothing!

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM

    AHH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE bare minerals! i use my own set of brush's i got as a christmas from costco and they work soooo well!

    check out my blog and comment on any ideas at seventeenteacups.blogspot.com

    once again - I love your blog - SO CUTE(:

  7. I'd like to try bare minerals my sis-in-law told me its great for oily skin =)


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