Give Me Kristen Stewarts Makeover

I can't wait to go see NYC in July! I'm counting down the days till I get to go there. I will make sure I take tons of scenic pictures to post on my blog, so everyone can see them! If you looked at my blog yesterday you would of noticed I put up a giveaway, but the picture was extremely low quality... and the giveaway wasn't that great since no one commented on it. So I've decided to put the giveaway on hold until I get more followers, and a new camera for better quality photos! So sorry about that and if you happened of seen it.. I know.. It was bad. Moving on...

Kristen Stewart has recently made a fashion turnaround, she is no longer wearing those nasty converse with a tacky dress. Her new and approved fashion style is gorgeous and glamorous. Even though I'm not a fan of the Twilight movies or Kristen Stewarts fashion, but I could not notice her change in style... which had me aware! Here are some pictures of her new fashion wardrobe turnaround!

Before: Her dark make up and completely messed up hair with grotesque converse, which happen not to match her tacky outfit. & she wore this to the MTV Movie Awards! Really? Why would she do this?

After: Wow! What a difference! She looks absolutely fabulous with her one shoulder strap gown and my personal favorite is the dress she wore to the Korean Premiere of Eclipse which is in the middle. I'm not a big fan of the dress to the right, but it is still a huge improvement form the before picture! Way to go Kristen!

& I was just recently looking at Storyofmylifesquared (best blog ever) and I noticed in one of their posts they were blogging about a giveaway, and I entered that giveaway! Well enter the amazing giveaway here. 


  1. I usually HATE Kristen Stewart's style but i really like the middle black dress and shoes.
    and hehe thanks! we lovvvve you blog too!
    love, jazzsquared.

  2. whyy thank you!! i know i love that dress too!

  3. Loving the new look! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. Have a great week!


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