Give Me The Latest Fashion Trends

The most common question nowadays is What is the latest fashion trends? Well so far whats in style at the moment according to the most fashionable stores is....

  • Rompers
  • High waisted skirts or shorts
  • BELTS!
  • long necklaces
  • braids
  • bangles
  • hats
  • leather jackets
  • patterned tights
  • nudes
  • florals
  • oxfords
  • scarfs
  • tunics with leggings
  • vests
  • corals
  • sandals that strap onto ankles
  • cardigans
Whats NOT to wear:
  • PLAIDS! (ew, ew, ew!!!!!) (depends on what it is)
  • converse
  • furs
  • plain logo t-shirts (famous hollister shirts)
  • baggy sweatshirts
  • tracksuits
  • cheap sandals (like the ones from wal mart)
  • scrunchies
  • neon anything
  • small handbags
  • extreme washed out denim (daisy dukes)
  • fake looking high skirts
  • shorts that are TOO short
  • too many bracelets
  • ankle bracelets
  • fake brands!!! (you may think no one notices-but they do!!)
  • extremely tightly worn shirts (like aren't suppose to be worn tightly)
  • too much black eyeliner

Remember this is MY opinion.. you don't have to agree with me... :)

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