Give Me Summer Hair

Summer hair during the beach is always an issue, finding the right hairstyle for the beach always can be difficult. Here are a few hairstyles that are easy to do for a trip to the beach!

-French Braid Headband along half of a part-
a great way to pull your bangs
back and enjoy the waves

-Messy bun-
Just apply a hair tie and perhaps a cute barrette
is all you need to do to achieve
this adorable & easy hairstyle

-Side Braids connected into bun-
Not many people wear their summer braids like
this particular summer hairstyle, so introduce
a new fashionable braid and you're hair will be noticed!

-Beach Waves-
This style uses the most time & effort
but it is defiantly worth it! Use a 1" flat iron,
and wooollahhh! A wonderful beachy hairstyle!

-Braid Headband along both parts-
A very sophisticated yet modern braid hairstyle.
Don't worry about getting your hair wet,
because this style will ensure your hair is
always dry up in a bun/braid!


  1. Anonymous6:08 AM

    luv the messy bun!

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    That messy bun is amazing! I'm going to try, but put a braid at the front xD


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