Give Me A Natural Look

A very popular look right now that everyone is trying to achieve is a natural look. When it comes to make up creating that appealing look is easier said than done. Here are some step by step instructions on how to achieve that look!

Here's how you do it...

1. Create an immaculate complexion

2. Apply a eyeshadow shade that is similar to your skin tone to the lid from lash to brow (like Nepal from NARS) Use the eye shader brush to do this.
3. Use a darker shade from the shade used to  cover entire eye to cover the lid of the eyes. Apply more eyeshadow at the edge of the lid, decreasing the amount of product you are applying on the lid above the end of the eye lid. (like Ashes to Ashes from NARS)Use the eye shader brush or for more precise application use a angled eye shader like the one below.

4. Apply a dark color to the upper lash line besides black, because we are aiming for a more natural feel blues(blends in well with the colors) and browns are recommended. Using eyeshadow as a eyeliner also plays a huge roll in providing a more natural feel to your face. If you wish to have a more defined feel with the upper lash line, dampen your brush. (like China Blue from NARS) Use a eyeliner brush to apply the product.

5. Curl your eyelashes, make sure you curl your eyelashes BEFORE you apply your mascara to eliminate breakage and clumps.

6. Apply a few coats of mascara to your lashes, not too much though. It is optional, but if you use a brown mascara your lashes would more likely blend in with the natural look.

6. Brush a rosy pink blush to your cheekbones. (like Luster Blush from NARS)

7. Use a matte lip stick/ pencil to your lips. A light rosy pink would look best. (like Roman Holiday Velvet lip pencil from NARS).

8. Apply a darker rosy pink lip gloss to your lips on top of the matte lip color to add shine. (like Female Trouble lip gloss from NARS).

9. TA! DA! and your finished!

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